SDA 2018 Dance Calendar

Keep up to date with all of the important events and dates at Shilleena's Dance Academy including dance exams, concerts, rehearsals and more.

TERM 1 2018:
29/01/18 - 29/03/18
 18th March
SFD Master Classes
 18th March
SFD Combined Schools Concert
 19th - 24th March
Parent Watching Week 1 2018
TERM 2 2018: 16/04/18 - 30/06/18
 25th April
ANZAC DAY public holiday (no normal classes)
 25th April
Performance Troupe Eisteddfod dress rehearsal at the hall
 28-29th April
Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod (Intermediates only)
 April/May SDA Mother's Day Dance Class at the hall
 5-6th May
Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod (Sub & Seniors only)
 7th May
Labour Day public holiday
 18-20th May Brisbane Dance Eisteddfod (weekend 1)
 24-27th May
Brisbane Dance Eisteddfod (weekend 2)
 2-3rd June
Exam Workshop Weekend 1
 9-10th June
Exam Workshop Weekend 2
 16-17th June
Exam Workshop Weekend 3
 21-27th June
SFD Ballet, Jazz & Tap Examinations
 23-29th June
Concert Costume Measuring at the hall
 TERM 3 2018: 16/07/18 - 22/09/18
 15th August
EKKA Public Holiday
 18th August
SDA Choreography Competition
 1st September
SDA Father's Day Dance Class
 10th - 15th September
Parent Watching Week 2 2018
 17th September
Combined Concert Timetable Commences
 TERM 4 2018: 06/10/18 - 08/12/18
 14th October
Theatre Rehearsal at LEC
 20th-21st October
Professional Photos at the hall
 27th October
SDA Annual Concert 2018
 29th October
2019 After the Concert Timetable Commences
 12th-17th November
Bring a Friend to Class Week
 3rd - 8th Dec
Wear a Crazy Outfit to Class Week
 8th December
Break-up Party at the hall

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