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Shilleena's Dance Academy - General Information
Enrolment at Shilleena's Dance Academy

Enrolment can be made by applying through our online dance enrolment form here. Submitting enrollment information signifies your agreement to the policies and procedures below of our dance school. Shilleena's Dance Academy will not share or sell your personal information and will only be used by the school for contact purposes.

Our Prospectus

We're proud to present our prospectus. Download and feel free to share the prospectus. Share through Facebook with others!

  • SDA 2019 Prospectus SDA 2019 Prospectus
  • 2019 Class Fees

    Download our class term fees list below. Discounts apply to families and students enrolling in three or more classes.

  • SDA 2019 Fees SDA 2019 Fees
  • Uniform Requirements

    You can download a copy of SDA's uniform requirements for each class below.

  • SDA 2019 Uniform Requirements SDA 2019 Uniform Requirements
  • School Policies and Procedures

    Dance Newsletters

    A school newsletter is distributed to students at the commencement of each term. We ask that both students and parents read these carefully and note important dates and information that are included in these. You can download our latest dance newsletter here.

    Students and their families are welcome to advertise or list the sale of second-hand dancewear and shoes, community notices or other information (achievements, news, etc) in the newsletter. If you wish to advertise in the next SDA newsletter, please contact Miss Shilleena.

    Lost Property

    There is a lost property box at the York Street Hall upstairs in the waiting room, and all lost property from both halls gets transferred to this box. Please check this box as soon as possible if you are missing any property.

    Injury Prevention & Management Strategies

    Teachers at the school employ injury prevention and management strategies, in accordance with the Australian Guidelines for Dance Teachers (CREATE Australia and Australian Dance Council, 1997). The importance of correct warm-up and cool-down is emphasised and applied in all classes.

    Emergency Procedures

    A stocked first aid kit is accessible to all classes at all times. Teachers also carry updated lists of emergency telephone numbers including local ambulance, police and fire brigade.

    In the event of a medical emergency, the teacher will endeavour to contact parents immediately. If parents are un-contactable, the teachers reserve the right to call for ambulance service if deemed necessary.

    Complaints & Difficulties

    Any complaints and/or difficulties can be easily resolved as Miss Shilleena is always available. Please feel free to contact Miss Shilleena by phone or e-mail. We encourage you to contact us immediately should a concern arise.

    Child Protection

    Shilleena’s Dance Academy is committed to the safety and well-being of all children attending this dance school.  Please read about our policy in the downloadable file below.

  • Child Protection Policy Child Protection Policy
  • Payment Method / Policies

    Fees for lessons will be charged by the term and payable before your first lesson of each term. The annual term fee has been divided by 4 to reach the per term amount. Discounts are available to families or students enrolled in multiple classes.

    Processing your payments

    Payment by cash or cheque including the remittance slip, should be made out to "Shilleena's Dance Academy Pty Ltd" and posted to PO Box 29, Camp Hill Q 4152 prior to your first lesson of each term, or can be handed to the teacher in a sealed envelope at your first class. We also offer direct deposits for your convenience. Our bank details and payment receipt instructions are listed on our invoices.

    Payment for lessons should be immediately before or after class to ensure no delays or interruptions are made to lessons. If you have queries about your account please direct them to the office number 0439 763 082 outside of class times.

    Late Payments

    Late payment of fees will be subject to an 11% administration charge. Prompt settlement of any overdue account will prevent the school in spending unnecessary administration time in trying to chase overdue accounts.

    We need to clear outstanding accounts to ensure the school is adequately funded and to pay our teachers. All students benefit from a sufficiently funded school.

    Missed Lessons

    Unfortunately refunds or credits cannot be made for classes that are missed, however, students may take a 'make-up' lesson with a comparable class. These may be arranged through Miss Shilleena.

    Withdrawing enrolment

    If a student withdraws their enrolment before the end of a term, the full term's fees will remain payable. At any time a student's enrolment must officially withdrawn by informing the principal, otherwise fees will continue to accrue as the student's place is held in the class. Students are advised to keep their own record of payments made for class fees.

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