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About our Dance Classes for Kids

At Shilleena's Dance Academy we have a warm nurturing environment where youngsters can have fun and learn to dance at the same time. We offer dance classes for kids which include Creative Movement for children 2-4 years of age. This is a 30 minute dance class that mixes ballet, jazz and dance elements that help develop and improve children's gross motor skills and co-ordination in a fun way.

Students will play dance games, learn technique while increasing their musicality and responsiveness to music. There are both morning and afternoon dance classes available at our dance studio in Coorparoo.


Saturdays - 2.5-4 Years of Age
8.00-8.30am - Creative Movement

Saturdays: 4-5 Years of Age
8.30-9.15am  - Preparatory Ballet
9.15-10.15am - Preparatory Jazz & Tap

Saturdays: 6 Years of Age
10.15 -11.00am - Grade 1 Tap
11.00-11.45am - Grade 1 Jazz
11.45-12.30pm - Grade 1 Ballet

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Dance Classes for Kids Dance classes for kids - Jazz Dance classes for Kids Creative Movement Dance classes for Kids Ballet Dance classes for Kids Tap Dance classes for Kids

Our dance classes grow with your child

Starting early dance classes can then progresses into Preparatory Ballet and Preparatory Jazz and Tap classes which are for ages 4-5yrs. These classes are specific to their styles and students will learn the technique for each genre while still having fun at the same time. These classes are specifically designed for these age groups.

Our teachers are qualified, energetic and have a passion for dance. These ballet and jazz/tap dance classes are on Saturday mornings.

We then have level ballet, tap and jazz classes where the students learn syllabus work and have the opportunity to sit examinations. Grade 1 Ballet, Tap and Jazz are for ages 6+ yrs.

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Dance classes for kids can bring numerous benefits to children, especially in the early years of life

Shilleena's Dance Academy dance classes aim to provide not only fun and entertainment, but also physical and social development.

Dance classes offer excellent physical benefits and are an excellent form of exercise, especially for young children. The movement, rhythm, and coordination involved in dancing can help develop their motor skills and increase their physical strength. This, in turn, can improve their overall health and reduce the risk of fatigue, anxiety and related health problems. Dancing also helps children develop their balance, coordination, posture and agility, all of which are essential for their physical development.

In addition to physical benefits, dance classes can also bring numerous social benefits to young children. Dancing is a great way for kids to meet new friends and interact with others in a positive and fun environment. This can help build their social skills and self-confidence, as well as encourage them to be more outgoing and extroverted. Dancing also helps children learn teamwork and cooperation, as they work together to complete routines. These skills will serve them well as they grow older and navigate the complexities of social interactions.

Dance can also be an excellent form of creative expression for young children allowing them to express themselves through movement and music, and can help develop their imagination and creativity. It also provides them with a healthy outlet for their emotions, allowing them to release any pent-up energy or frustration in a positive way.

Our dance classes for kids offer numerous health and social benefits including improved physical and motor skills, enhanced social skills and self-confidence, and opportunities for creative expression. We offer this in a safe, supportive, and fun environment for children to explore dance.

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Here's some of our most common FAQ's about Dance Classes for Kids

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About our dance studio

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Emily McKellar, Google Review
Shilleena’s Dance Academy allows so many people to join together and do something that they love each week. Having so many kind and like-minded people together creates such a wholesome and comforting atmosphere and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Ruth O'Loughlin, Google Review
Girls love SDA and so do we. Girls have been dancing at SDA for 9 years. Teachers are great, encouraging and supportive. Keep up the great work SDA.

Janine McKean, Google Review
My daughter has danced at SDA for the past 7 years, since she was three. We love the inclusiveness of this school, catering for all levels of dance ability. The teachers are amazing and she has made lifelong friends through dance. Concerts are professional and entertaining while keeping the focus on having fun. A great school for beginners through to serious dancers.

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Shilleena Collins, Principal

Meet our Dance Principal

Miss Shilleena


Shilleena has been dancing from the 5 years of age, and since then has studied ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap. With experience on both an amateur and professional level, Shilleena has choreographed for musical and children's theatre productions, danced extensively in competition and performed in professional and corporate productions.


  • Advanced Diploma of Arts (Dance) - Australian Dance Performance Institute
  • Full Teacher's Certificate - Royal Academy of Dance
  • Examiner - Southern Federation of Dance (Ballet, Jazz & Tap)
  • Member - Southern Federation of Dance
  • Theatrical Grade 1 Examination completed - CSTD
  • Senior Gold Star Tapping Examination completed - CSTD
  • Grade 10 Jazz Examination completed - SFD (honours with distinction)
  • Grade 10 Tap Examination completed - SFD (honours with distinction)
  • Advanced Ballet Examination completed - SFD (pass with distinction)
  • Advanced 1 Ballet Examination completed - RAD

Shilleena began her teaching career coaching and choreographing in private studios and musical theatre groups. As Dance as Principal and Academy owner, Shilleena has strived to build the school to what it is today constantly adding new styles and hitting new heights as a school focusing on quality dance training, hard work and fun.

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Uniform requirements and fees

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Ready to try dance classes for kids?


Students aged 2 years to 4 years of age can do Creative Movement dance classes.
Students aged 4 years to 6 years of age can do either
Prep Ballet or Prep Jazz & Tap or both.
Classes are affordable with the classes being charged at a term rate.
If you have a little dancer who loves to move to music or has lots of energy, these are the classes for you!

You can enrol in dance classes for kids using our online application

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