2021 Events

Keep up to date with all the important events and dates at Shilleena's Dance Academy including dance exams, concerts, rehearsals and more. 

TERM 2 2022: 18/04/22 - 25/06/22
16-20th June 2022 SFD Jazz, Tap & Ballet Examinations
Fri 17th June 2022 All morning classes cancelled due to the exams
(afternoon classes remain as normal)
Sat 18th June 2022 All normal classes cancelled due to the examinations
Sat 25th June 2022 Classes on as normal (last day of classes for term 2)
TERM 3 2022: 11/07/22 - 17/09/22
16-17th July 2022 Costume Measuring Weekend for our "Dreams" concert
30-31st July 2022 Beenleigh Dance Eisteddfod weekend (Open Groups)
6-7th Aug 2022 Beenleigh Dance Eisteddfod weekend (12 & Under Groups)
5-10th Sep 2022 Parent Watching Week #2
TERM 4 2022: 03/10/22 - 03/12/22
3rd Oct 2022 Queen's Birthday Holiday - CLASSES ON AS NORMAL
(Combined Concert Timetable Commences)
15-16th Oct 2022 Professional Photos at SDA Studio
23rd Oct 2022 Theatre Rehearsal at LEC plus Finale Filming & Dress Rehearsal
5th Nov 2022 SDA's "Dreams" concert at LEC 11am & 5pm shows
7th Nov 2022 Term 4 Timetable commences
14th & 23rd Nov 2022 2023 Performance Troupe Auditions
14-19th Nov 2022 Dress like your teacher week
21-26th Nov 2022 Bring a Friend to class week
28th Nov-3rd Dec 2022 Wear a Crazy Outfit to Dance week
3rd Dec 2022 SDA Break-up Party & last day of 2022 Classes
Dec 2022 Performance Troupe Break-up Party (date & location TBC)