2021 Events

Keep up to date with all the important events and dates at Shilleena's Dance Academy including dance exams, concerts, rehearsals and more. 

CLASS TIMES Monday, 4 Oct until Saturday, 23 Oct 2021

Please refer to our Concert Calendar Class schedule from Mon 4th October - Saturday 23 October 2021.
All classes will follow this schedule during this period.
Download a PDF version below - look for  Combined Timetable is on Page 2 of the Download

Click for Class Times Schedule Click for Class Times Schedule
TERM 4 2021: 02/10/21 - 04/12/21
4th Oct 2021 Combined Concert Timetable Commences
4th Oct 2021 Queen's Birthday Holiday - ALL CLASSES ON AS NORMAL
17th Oct 2021 Theatre Rehearsal at Logan Metro Events Centre
17th Oct 2021 Dress Rehearsals & Finale Filming at Theatre Rehearsal at Logan Metro
Sun 24th Oct 2021 Concert Day at Logan Metro Events Centre (11am & 5pm shows)
Mon 25th Oct 2021 Term 3 Timetable re-commences till the end of the year
Fri 29th Oct 2021 Public Holiday - NO CLASSES ON THIS DAY
6-7th Nov 2021 Professional Photo Weekend Shoot at SDA Studios
13th Nov 2021 Performance Troupe in the Christmas Parade at Carindale Shopping Centre
13th Nov 2021 SDA Choreographic Competition
18-19th Nov 2021 Professional Photos on sale at the Studio (times TBC)
15-20th Nov 2021 Dress Like Your Teacher Week
22-27th Nov 2021 Bring a Friend Week
27th Nov 2021 SDA Break-up Party at SDA Studios
Nov 2021 Auditions for 2022 Performance Troupe (bookings required)
29 Nov-4th Dec 2021 Wear a Crazy Costume to class week
Sat 4th Dec 2021 Last day of classes for 2021
Dec 2021 Performance Troupe Break-up Party (date TBC)